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Bad news

Updated: december 22, 2008

We have received some bad news during the last few days.
Saturday, Peter 10cent was told that Spektakel 14 has been closed down by the Fire Department. The place wasn’t endorsed for shows.
We had a great concert there in June this year, and will for sure miss this small hidden diamond in the underground of Copenhagen.

Today the Court sent 15 of our friends to prison for being inside Ungdomshuset during the eviction 1½ year ago. We support them and hope for a fair trial if they take the case to high court.

But we also have some good news: We got a show at the new Ungdomshuset, Dortheavej 61 on January 30.
Check out our calendar for more detals.

Merry fucking x-mas and a fabulous new year to all of you!