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Updated: februar 14, 2012

17 years and still running wild

Seventeen years ago no one thought that the band Soreazis was ever going to play an entire concert succesfully.

But despite the odds frontman Charlie Steen, guitarist Peter 10cent, bass player Tommy Hellfucker and drummer T.T. Adams formed the band – though they all considerably lacked instrumental skills. The band spent the early years drinking beers from the local supermarket while eargerly attempting to rehearse in the basement of a kindergarden in the suburbs of Copenhagen. The heavy amount of beers resulted in many an argument which nearly forced the band to split up – long before their adventure had even started.

But the boys formed the band yet again. This time rehearsing in a dusty old rehearsal room below the roof of the late Ungdomshuset (squatted house), Jagtvej 69. Finally, in december 1999, their efforts were rewarded. The band recorded their very first record “Confused All-Stars” in the same stuido, Mayonaise Studio, as the notorious heavy band Red Warszawa.

New frontman

The band financed the record themselves and released it in the spring of 2000. The music style was very broad – from 50’s surf to gloomy depressive rock and up-tempo beer punk. However, the joy soon turned to misery. The same year leadsinger Charlie Steen left the band to focus on his solo-project Remote Jesus.

But the remaining band members did not intend to quit and recruited former Ten Minutes of Joy leadsinger Buzz Barfing. They then intensified the rehearsals while changing their sound to a more punkrock sound inspired by the late 70’s UK scene.

The band returned to Mayonaise Studios in 2002 and recorded their second album “AD/BC (After Drinking/Before Crawling)”. The first track “Headlines” on the album featured on a controversial sampler called “Fåk København” (Fuck Copenhagen) which contained the majority of contemporary Danish punkbands. Especially the cover of the sampler caused great attention showing two Danish top politicians in an obscene sexual situation.

The sad goodbye to Ungdomshuset

In 2005 the band recorded their third album “Songs from a Picnic”. As the previous records, “Songs from a Picnic” was produced 100% DIY (Do-It-Yourself). But this time on the band’s own gear in their rehearsal room in Ungdomshuset.

At the time of the release, it became increasingly obvious that the fate of Ungdomshuset was sealed. Soreazis played the last of many concerts in Ungdomshuset on the 26th of February 2005 before moving to a new rehearsal room.

In 2010 the band released yet another EP. This time a four song 7″ record named “7 Inch Cannibal”.

Seventeen years ago Soreazis made their noisy debut in a bed room in the north-west area of Copenhagen. Ten years of endlessly touring across Denmark – not exactly what the four band members anticipated when they initially formed the band in the grey basement of a kindergarden in Amager, Copenhagen. But Soreazis is still running wild and the band plans to play more gigs and hopefully soon release yet a record.

Line up:
Buzz Barfing – Singer
Peter 10cent – Guitar
Tommy Hellfucker – Bass
T.T. Adams – Drums