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News from the bunker

Updated: februar 12, 2013

So what are we doing at the moment? You might think: Not a damn lot. But that ain’t the truth…

The winter here in Denmark is very cold and snowy these days. So what is better than seek hide in the the bunker with beers in the fridge and coffee in the jug, writing new songs for another 7 inch. We hope that we will be able to go to the studio very soon to record these four ass kicking tracks, all with lyrics in Danish.

By the way, we are celebrating our 15th year as a band this year.
We have decided to celebrate this by recording an Internet video showcase with some of our latest songs. On February 23 we will place 7 HD video cameras around our rehearsal room and record it all along with digital multi track audio. More on that soon.

You can see a test recording we did of our latest song “Morderisk Mareridt” (murderous nightmare) in the player above.