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Time to spin the bottle

Updated: november 9, 2009

_TTP0032Maybe you’ve already noticed: We got a brand new design for the website. We’ve also launched our new online merchandise shop with T-shirts and all our previous releases. You can use your credit card through Paypal for safe payment, so go shop some, we need your money!!

Another thing to notice are the lovely new band photos of your favourite band – posted in the gallery section.
The pictures were taken a few months ago at the spoiled ‘Islands Brygge’ here in Copenhagen.

Work still goes on with the forthcoming 7 inch record. I know it’s the same shit in every bulletin we post, but trust us – we are working hard and will release this long waited vinyl very soon!

Some new songs are also being written at the moment – this time with Danish lyrics. We will soon post some demo recordings of  “Triffidernes Dag” and “Stjålne Kroppe” here on the web page, so stay tuned!

Peter 10cent