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What a trip…

Updated: juni 2, 2012

So we have just completed 4 day’s of touring in the Danish countryside. Everything went more or less according to plan. We managed to run out of gasoline on the Jutland highway. We took a swim in the North Sea. We played for not so many people in Fredericia. Well, mostly because of the great weather. Played for a few more people in Esbjerg – Denmark’s new home town of H/C-punk. In Herning the party would never end, so we were well wasted when we got to Copenhagen and the last concert at Lygten Station.

Thanks to Ungdommens Hus, Konfus, Kontrast, Lygten St. and especially to our good friends from X Teenage Rebels and Racing Decays. Also shout out to Det Der Band and to Kept and Pink Champagne Boyz who took over with renewed energy on the Sunday and big hugs to the world’s best bus driver Rune for his cool driving style and hilarious stories.

We will soon collect all our video recordings and pictures and make a short tour movie for the Internet.